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Pre-Adventure checks and inspections

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The Chop Shop products are categorized in ten categories and start with adventure and survival as a priority. The first products you need are in the Sustainment category. Water is your first consideration when you prepare for adventure. Get a water filter and water storage container and be capable of carrying a water supply for multiple days. Rotopax water storage containers are designed to be frozen in order to take a brick of ice with you that will gradually melt and give you refreshing ice cold water. Food is a vital part of your survival during your adventure. Freeze dried food is going to fuel your body to survive. Make sure you get a food supply that will last years without refrigeration, you never know what can happen in the wild.


Safety should always be a priority, don't get caught unprepared. Its better to be safe than sorry, make sure to have the bare bone safety products in your vehicle before you go out on an adventure. A first aid kit and fire extinguisher will be a good start. When your ready to upgrade, a medical storage pack can be mounted onto your vehicle.


Navigation will get you to where you need to go, make sure you pre plan your trip. Research your local area to find details on trails. Get the guide books before you go out on an adventure. Choose a trail you want to visit and get away from everything for a couple of days. Use your smart phone with a protective case as a live digital map to keep you on track. There are many apps you can use, we like to use Motion GPS


Communication is vital, don't go anywhere without itThere has to be a way for you to communicate long distances when your cell phone has no service. If an accident happens and you are stranded in the wild, have some sort of signal device like a mirror, whistle, flashlight and a Amateur radio.

Recovery and Tools

Have the necessary tools to set you up for success and the ability to recover your vehicle. When you arrive at the trail head, make sure you have the right tools. Your going to need to deflate your tires to 12-18 PSI. This will allow your tires to have more traction and a comfortable ride. Make your life easy with a tire deflator that will deflate your tires quickly. Once your done with your adventure and ready to go home, your going to need a>Air compressor and a tire-inflator-kit to have the capability to re inflate your tires. A fancy tire inflator gauge is nice to have instead of a regular tire pressure gauge. While your on the trail, its imperative to be able to recover your vehicle. At minimum you need to have a high lift jack to be able to lift your vehicle if your luck goes south and get your vehicle high centered or a tire needs to be replaced. The high lift jack can also winch you out of a situation if you do not have a winch. You need to have a tow strap.


An upgraded suspension system will increase the wheel travel of your vehicle and allow you to mount a larger tire. The best options for a Jeep will be a double throwdown suspension. This suspension system is the best money can buy. The capability of this system is second to none! If you want some coilovers under your Jeep, the bolt on coilover is the best option. The next option for a suspension system would be one of the Currie options. There are three choices of the currie suspensions. The "novice" package is for the mall crawler who wants the looks of a awesome lifted Jeep with added capabilities in the suspension. The "experienced" package is a suspension system you can use and abuse. The "expert" is for hardcore Jeeper, its not for the weak or feint hearted.

Tires and Wheels

After you install the new suspension, you can now fit a larger tire. With a larger tire your going to need a new wheel with a different backspace from a stock wheel. Beadlock wheels are what the pros are using but can safely be used on the street. a light weight aluminum wheel is the ideal wheel for weekend warriors who daily drive their Jeep.


Make sure your drivetrain is ready for adventure we recommend lockers in the front and rear. If you set your drivetrain up to be capable of anything, you will be ready for what lies ahead on the trail. When you install a suspension lift and larger tires, your drivetrain is going to 

Interior and exterior

Save your Jeep from looking like a beat up tin can and upgrade your Jeep with some body armor and undercarriage skid plates

Performance and electrical 

Make your Jeep perform to its maximum capability and go fast. After you install larger tires, your Jeep computer will not perform as it did stock. In some cases, the Jeep will go into "limp mode" and you will be unable to drive your Jeep. The Jeep will also have a speedometer that will not read correctly. The traction control will be malfunctioning also. To solve all these problems, you will need to have the AEV procal.



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