Chop Shop 4x4 Off-Road Professional Technicians & Subject Matter Experts


The Chop Shop empowers Off-road enthusiasts to take themselves, family and friends on adventures by providing access to premium products & services, education, and exceptional customer service.

We provide: education at The Chop Shop University, Subject Matter expertise, access to premium products, professional vehicle services at The Chop Shop Garage, Guided multi day adventures that include taking your Off-road vehicle to remote locations. The adventure includes but is not limited to: Off-road driving classes, land navigation training with a compass and map, and First aid training. We will get you ready for adventure!!!

Sesar Gonzalez serves as president of The Chop Shop. Besides being an off-road enthusiast for over 18 years, he has over a decade of military training in combat arms. He follows the principles he learned in the Military in order to make you capable and ready for any adventure. Sesar served five years in sales and mastered the art of customer service.  He earned a Masters in Business for Veterans from the University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business and brings his experience and lessons learned to The Chop Shop.

Josh Pedigo serves as the Chief Operating Officer. He has five years of business and commercial banking experience with Wells Fargo Bank as an Assistant Vice President, 8 years of experience in military service with 2 combat deployments, and 13 years experience as an off-road and survival enthusiast. He has been in marketing and sales for the better part of a decade. He enjoys disaster and survival prepping as well as competing in off-road desert racing.

Bryn Howlett serves as our Web Developer and Videographer. 

Evan serves as the Director of adventure. He is the primary instructor for adventure training and classes.

Andrew serves as the main technician at The Chop Shop. His 30 years of experience in the industry and attention to detail makes him second to none. He holds the mastery of his profession in building Trucks, Jeeps and SUV's to be capable of taking your friends and family on adventures.

Carli Gonzalez serves as the Chief Financial Officer to keep The Chop Shop LLC operating.

All additional employees adhere by our company values which are:

At The Chop Shop, we are men and women of good character, subject matter experts at our professions, possess good morals, treat everyone with dignity and respect. We believe in having a deep sense of personal responsibility. Our integrity will never be questioned because we stay true to ourselves and never lie, cheat or steal! We are here to be the best and second to none.