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Product Description:

When you arrive at the trail head, make sure you have the right tools. Your going to need to deflate your tires to 12-18 PSI. This will allow your tires to have more traction and a comfortable ride. Make your life easy with a tire deflator that will deflate your tires quickly. Once your done with your adventure and ready to go home, your going to need a Air compressor and a tire-inflator-kit to have the capability to re inflate your tires. A fancy tire inflator gauge is nice to have instead of a regular tire pressure gauge.

Designed for quick and accurate tire inflation. with an in-line gauge, the Inflator can be fitted to compressors with the US standard fitting, or the fitting can be removed and retrofitted with any air fitting using 1⁄4 NPT thread.

  • Compatible with ARB Air Compressors
  • Simple to read dial with dual scale PSI/Bar increments
  • Quality bronze bourdon tube design for years of durability and use
  • Fully geared solid brass precision movement for perfection of operation
  • Protective rubber gauge guard helps keep it looking good
  • Air bleed button for deflating and getting the exact tire pressure you need
  • 13" stainless braided flexible hose will help you not destroy this tool
  • Clip on chuck, thats right super easy
  • 1⁄4 NPT US standard male air fitting for ease of use
  • Internal air shut off valve to prevent problems

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