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Differential Covers

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Product Description:

When you're out on the trail the undercarriage of your vehicle is vulnerable to damage from rocks. Protect your differential from damage and loosing your fluids, replace your differential cover with one that is almost unbreakable.

  • Provides ample clearance for front or rear applications where steering or gas tank clearance is a concern due to it’s slim 3 1/16” height.
  • Currie badge is laser cut stainless steel.
  • Fits all Currie RockJock® 44 high and low pinion housings as well as stock Dana 44 hgh and low pinion housings.
  • Dip stick included to check oil levels
  • Cover is finished in: Semi-gloss Black, Textured Black, Textured Red
  • Parts included: Gasketed fill plug with dipstick, Socket head allen hardware, Cover gasket

Manufactured with the intent of protecting your gears, lockers and diff cover bolts from the most punishing rocks and trail hazards.

OEM diff covers are created from weak, mass produced sheet metal. Even a slight tap with a rock can cave it in against your ring gear, causing potential damage to the gears, locker and carrier bearings, not to mention a difficult, messy trail fix. Even more common, though less catastrophic, is "peel back" that can occur when sliding over a rock causes the lip of the cover to peel up, causing your gear oil to drain and causing a hazard for both your Jeep and the environment. The Bombshell™ Diff Cover is your best insurance against each of these hazards.

The newly redesigned Dana 44 Bombshell™ differential cover is cast from iron—the same material drag racing differential housings are cast from to handle thousands of horsepower. The design of the Bombshell™ incorporates recesses to protect the diff cover bolt heads from trail damage, while the profile of the Bombshell™ acts as a ramp to help slide your Jeep up and over the most troublesome pumpkin-eaters. The ramp profile also results in an extremely thick& up to 1" thick —cross-section around the bolt ring, where contact with the Rocks is most likely. Throughout the rest of its cross-section the Bombshell™ is the thickest cast differential cover on the market, from 7/16" to a brutal 1/2" thick at the outermost surface.

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