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$1999.99 Re--Gear Special

Posted on December 09, 2015 by Sesar Gonzalez | 0 Comments

Here at The Chop Shop we are proud to announce the $1999.99 Re-Gear special. The Re-Gear special includes ring gear, pinion, master install kit, and labor, using industry leading Sierra Gear and Axle components. The additional charges will only be for Gear oil and tax on parts. 

After installing a lift and larger tires, you will notice your vehicle not performing as well as it did when it was in stock form. A re-gear will adjust your lifted vehicle's performance back to OEM or better. You will gain the added suspension, tire size, ground clearance and look with the OEM performance on acceleration and driving on hills. 

There are some common gear ratio's that is recommended for your vehicle. The gear ration will depend on your tire size you want to run and your engine size. A good rule of thumb is if you are going to run 33" tires, go 4.10-4.56 gear set. If you are going to run 35" tires, we recommend you go with 4.56-4.88. If you are going to run 37" tires, we recommend you go with 4.88-5.13. If you go with the higher number gear set you will gain more performance from 0-60MPH but will have higher RPM's at speeds over 6000MPH. The lower gear set will give you the closest OEM performance and fuel efficiency. 

We recommend going with the higher numeric gear ratio. 

Some vehicles with rusted out differential housing will be charged higher labor rates. Independent front suspension vehicles will be charged additional labor rates. 

If you are going with a larger tire size and plan to re-gear the differential housing, ensure that you give The Chop Shop a call to ensure that your differential housing can handle the upgraded re-gear with the type of driving you plan on conducting. 

Here at The Chop Shop we are a full retail, service and installation off-road shop. We are not only suspension, we specialize in Jeep, Trucks, SUV's and all 4x4's. Make sure to check out our current and future blogs that will consist of all of our specialties to include: Wheels, tires, performance brakes, exhaust, shocks, coilovers, bump stops to include hydraulic, limit straps, performance struts, upgraded control arms, upgraded I-beams, upgraded A-arms, lift springs, lift spindles, lift kits, undercarriage skid plates, gussets, axle trusses, suspension joints, suspension links, upgraded leaf springs, after market bumpers, tire carriers, upgraded grills, LED headlights, projector headlights, led taillights, fiberglass fenders, light bar brackets, all-weather floor mats, winches, winch isolators, tow straps, bubba ropes, hi-lift jacks, on-board air, tire deflators, coolers, water purifiers, fire extinguishers, jerry cans, rotopax, d-rings, pop seats, corbeau seats, mastercarft seats, suspension seats, off-road coolers, side steps, trailer hitches, bumpers, first aid kits, air intake, superchargers, leveling kits, harnesses and more.




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